What is a Pot Luck Luncheon?
We will provide Ham and Bread to get sandwitches started and will rely on your skills  and generosity for sides and add ons. 

What is theTreasure Hunt ?
The Treasure Hunt portion of the event will take place while we feast. It will be indoors and will involve 'hunting' eggs out of large baskets.

Do I have to bring any utensils or plates to serve with?
No need, these will be provided.
Do I have to stay the entire time?
Nope, you are welcome to come and go as you wish.  However, some raffle drawings may require you to be present. 

Is there someone I can call?
     Yes.  Willie T. (775) 338-5717 or Carl H. (775) 867-4807 or Star (775) 294-5897 


Get involved!
If you would like to participate in the planning of any upcoming event, including the 2019 Oasis Festival, send us a note through the CONTACT US page to be added to our email list and come to the next committee meeting